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Modular houses are the result of modern, technologically advanced construction. Due to their versatile features, the modules can become part of a residential house, apartment building or large shopping center.
Modular constructions provide an opportunity to build a one- or even several-storey house and create the design of your house according to your needs. We can also adjust our existing home projects: change the finishing materials, layout.

Modular House SAINT PEPINO – S.

Cozy and elegant place to relax and work.

Size: 37 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 2

Price starts from 34000 EUR

Modular House SAINT PEPINO – M.

Middle size house with spacious livingroom and impregnated pine terrace. This house could be best place to relax with friends and family.

Size: 42 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 2

Price starts from: 38500 EUR

Modular House SAINT PEPINO – L.

Biggest of SAINT PEPINO houses. This house is the best for young couples, seniors or families, who would love to live in nature or it could be the first house for young families.

Size: 49 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 2


Price starts from: 41600 EUR

Modular House SOLARIS – L.

Spacious, modern and unique house that is easy to live in. The house is divided into two parts, which are harmoniously connected by a large impregnated pine outdoor terrace and wooden walls.

Size: 88,37 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 5

Modular House SOLARIS.

This house is unique in its layout. Two separate parts of the house are connected by an impregnated pine terrace. The house is perfect for families who want to live with their parents, but everyone will have the opportunity to create their own separate space.

Size: 76,43 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 4

Modular House RONDO.

Bright, resort villa design house with a spacious terrace and modern car parking space.

Size: 81 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 3

Modular House REGENT S.

A solid house that blends in with nature, with a window layout that creates more light in the bedroom and living room. The spacious terrace will accommodate you and your guests for a pleasant lunch in the fresh air by the fireplace.

Size: 99,08 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 4

Modular House REGENT.

A more spacious REGENT S house solution with an extra bedroom, making the house perfect for a large family or for longer stays.

Size: 111,01 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 5

Modular House FELICIA.

A distinctive design house with a car parking space. The house has an inner courtyard and an outside terrace with showcase windows opening to the outside and a sunlit living room. The house has a separate room for a wardrobe and a technical room next to the garage.

Size: 119,67 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 4

Modular House MUSCARIS.

The pretiest part of this house – a spacious 42 m2 living room, where you can relax and immerse themselves in the sense of freedom. The front and back of the house have large impregnated pine terraces, where it is convenient to place sunbeds and enjoy the sun. The house also has a car parking space with a roof.

Size: 107,24 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 4

Modular House MUSCAT.

Luxurious and inspiring design villa design house with a 33 sq. m. garage, a separate technical room, two impregnated pine terraces, a spacious 41 sq. m. living room, three bedrooms and a separate workroom.

Size: 119,67 m2
Floor: 1
Rooms: 5


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