B energy class

  1. We can build house in 3 months;
  2. B energy class houses with electric heating system;
  3. If necessary, we can change the finishing materials;
  4. We build a house on a pole foundation;
  5. We provide a guarantee for constructions;
  6. If necessary, we can help to arrange building permits;
  7. We build and design houses by ourselves, so we can change the layout of internal walls;
  8. We can install solar power station on your roof;
  9. The house price may vary depending on your desired finishing materials.

Modular House SAINT PEPINO – S.

Cozy and elegant place to relax and work.

Size: 37 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 2

Price starts from 34000 EUR

Modular House SAINT PEPINO – M.

Middle size house with spacious livingroom and impregnated pine terrace. This house could be best place to relax with friends and family.

Size: 42 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 2

Price starts from: 38500 EUR

Modular House SAINT PEPINO – L.

Biggest of SAINT PEPINO houses. This house is the best for young couples, seniors or families, who would love to live in nature or it could be the first house for young families.

Size: 49 sq. m.
Floor: 1
Rooms: 2

 Price starts from 41650 EUR


Combination of modular SAINT PEPINO houses

Another, increasingly popular idea of building modular houses is to build 2 houses with a shared terrace. This solution is perfect for families living with older relatives, who knows, that personal space is important. A variety of layout solutions are available to suit multiple homes.


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