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Undeniable facts about modular construction

What is a modular building, exactly?

A modular home is one that is built indoors in a factory- setting. The finished materials are sealed and shipped to their new places, where a manufacturer can install them. A modular home is not a mobile home: it is actually an off-site, as opposed to on-site, build house. Such homes are also referred to as factory built, system-built, or prefab homes (short for prefabricated).

Main advantages:


Fast delivery


Re-configuration at low cost




wide-ranging flexibility


Between Vilnius and Trakai

A new settlement of private houses is being built

Just 35 kilometers from Vilnius will be launched a new detached house area. This project is aimed primarily at those who dream of having a nature vacation home close to the capital. The location, near the pine forest, has the status of a resort area.

House in just 3 months

The new settlement, located only eight kilometers from the ”Trakai” center is planning to build 23 detached houses, which will be modified for permanent and recreational use. The houses will be built not in a traditional way, but with Framels” modular systems. Not only are these houses fast to build, but they are also practical and easily adaptable to the changing needs of the family.

They have massive windows, spacious lounge areas, and a comfortable atmosphere. The biggest advantage of such houses is the possibility to build a house in just 3 months and, if needed, easily increase the available square meter area. Easy to enjoy the beauty of nature through the windows all year round.

Each house will be built according to the buyer’s needs. 

All built houses are single-storeyed and meet energy efficiency class A plus requirements. They will be fitted with cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating systems. Newcomers are offered a choice of between 37 and 120 square meters.

The location where the new settlement is constructed falls within the location where young families may benefit from a government subsidy. That’s great news for those dreaming of having a permanent home surrounded by nature.




Examples of Residential modular buildings

The possibilities using modular construction are almost unlimited. Modular construction provides units that are from 6.00 to 12.00 m long, up to 2,43 m wide and up to 3.20 m high. We are very proud to present another project we are working on: Residential examples of modular system buildings. Modular units are manufactured in the factory and can be transported in any location. A fast, effective and ecological way to build structures.


FRAMELS presents a modular house – Regent. It’s a perfect option for a family of four. For more information please visit

Model Rondo is a perfect house for a small family. Huge living room with access to a terrace is a perfect option for warm evenings and hot summer days. For more info please visit

Modular building Solaris-L. This house is made of 8 modules and can be built in two stages. For more information please contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.


FRAMELS offers stunning accommodation both visually and functionally. Its clean, modern design provides a striking focal point in the landscape. Generous space means the substantial unit is practical for a large number of uses. Yet in most cases, we can install the modular unit in your garden without the need for planning permission.

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