modular building facts

What is a modular building, exactly?

A modular home is one that is built indoors in a factory- setting. The finished materials are sealed and shipped to their new places, where a manufacturer can install them. A modular home is not a mobile home: it is actually an off-site, as opposed to on-site, build house. Such homes are also referred to as factory built, system-built, or prefab homes (short for prefabricated).

Main advantages:


Fast delivery


Re-configuration at low cost




wide-ranging flexibility

Since modular building development can occur concurrently with the site foundation works and assembly is far quicker than in conventional construction, projects can be completed from 50 percent to 60 percent quicker than on-site construction. However, since a significant part of the building is done in a factory, which can also reduce the possibility of weather delays from 60% to 90%. Buildings are completed earlier, occupied sooner and create a faster return of investment. Modular house

Construction Waste

Removing about 80 per cent of building operation from the site location greatly decreases site damage, vibration emissions, air pollution,  and even risks of infection (infection prevention would be the most critical concern when it comes to hospital construction projects).

Time saving

Prefabricated modular construction will save both time and money for your business! Our modular prefab constructions are built very quickly without intrusions or downtime.

Better for environment

Modular units are built under factory controlled conditions that yield a superior product and an effective, green construction process. We recycle unused materials, and our modular units are capable of meeting your local construction requirements.

Custom design

Modular flexibility helps us to create custom designs for any unique application.
Also, we provide cost-free design help, so modular building units will meet
unique requirements of our customers.


Modular homes have the same valuation as their counterparts constructed on-site: they do not depreciate in value.
Modular building loans, insurance, taxes are the same as site-built.


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